Introducing HIPE – the revolutionary technology that brings emotional intelligence to physical spaces. With the rise of “always online” users, current technologies fall short in understanding and responding to human emotions.

People at workplace

Our goal is to enhance spaces with emotionally aware, intelligent, and integrated services that cater to the demands and expectations of today’s users. With recent advancements in research and technology, HIPE enables real-time measurement of human behavior and emotions in everyday environments, leading to emotionally intelligent digital systems and services that improve experiences, detect potential risks, and promote productivity and well-being.

Our main challenge is to bridge the gap between experimental prototypes and commercially viable services.

The HIPE project aims to empower participating companies to build novel, competitive digital solutions and services that prioritize human behavior, emotions, and situational awareness. With HIPE, we strive to not only improve human well-being, but also economic, social, and environmental sustainability while adhering to strict legal and ethical guidelines for personal data collection and usage.

We will adopt a holistic research approach considering desirability of the behaviour, emotional state and situation-aware services from both B2B and B2B2C perspectives. We will study

  • viability of the services and technology solutions from the business perspective.
  • legal and ethical aspects of service innovations, measurement technologies and our research processes.
  • feasibility of the technologies for adoption in real-world surroundings via concrete proof-of-concept demonstrations.